Hi lovely friends and family!

I (Josie) can’t believe how fast time is going; we’re almost 2 months in to 2nd year. As always, it’s busy, juggling school, homework and family life, but we’re loving it and God is incredible! We promise we’ll write more of a general update soon, but my main reason for writing is to share my exciting news…. 

I’ve been chosen to go on a missions trip to Armenia in the Spring. I’m so excited!! Armenia is in the Middle East, but it has a rich Christian history, and apparently the first church in the world was built there in the 4th Century. For many years, I’ve had a heart to love and serve Muslims, and I’m so excited to be able to go with a team from Bethel, to put in to practice what I’ve been learning here; that as children of Heaven, we have access to His Kingdom and can demonstrate His love, glory, and power in all aspects of society. Revival is currently happening in Armenia; isn’t that incredible?! There will be many opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus, as we love and serve at the Armenian Syrian Refugee camps; these are residential and training centres for women, children, and families who have been traumatised by war. 


We will also have the opportunity to do street evangelism, prophetic art, and dance (not sure how I’ll get on with that?!!), and we’ll be preaching and ministering in churches, and to families in need in Yerevan; the capital of Armenia. They’re also wanting people who are worship leaders and photographers, so I’m hoping that my gifts will also be used to glorify God. I have my first team meeting on Friday, so I’m looking forward to meeting those that I’ll be going with. The leader of the trip is one of the 2nd year pastors, who is half Armenian, so I’m really looking forward to learning from her and serving with her.

It feels such and honour to be going on this trip, and I can’t wait to tell you all that God does through me, and in me, as we prepare for, and then go to Armenia, to love people and share Jesus!

I’ll be going from 25th March - 4th April ’20.

The trip costs $2,500 (approx £2,000) and below are the payment deadlines that I have:

  • November 1st: Deposit: $375
  • December 6th: 1st Payment Milestone: a further $750 ($1,125)
  • January 10th: 2nd Payment Milestone: a further $750 (($1,875)
  • February 14th: 3rd Payment Milestone: a further $625 ($2,500)

If you would like to support me on this trip, either through prayer or financially, it would mean so much to me. If you’d like to support financially (any amount helps), it’s probably best to give direct to our UK account as we get the best exchange rate: HSBC, Acc: 81344544, S/C: 40-46-39, and mark it Josie-Armenia (or something like that!) If you’d like to do it direct to my Bethel page, here’s the link: https://my.bssm.net/donations/travel_transactions/new?finance_target_id=7199&finance_target_type=TripRegistration.

Prayer pointers:

  • That we’d connect well as a team.
  • That I’d continue to step out in my gifting and bring everything I am ‘to the table’; growing in confidence, and be fully me!
  • For the finances to come in for this trip.

Thanks so much for reading this and partnering with me. I’ll keep you posted on how the preparations go over the next few months.

With much love, Josie

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