Yes we are alive, and yes we’ve graduated!

I think it is true to say that the last few months have not been what any of us would have expected 2020 to be. In the crazy Covid-19 lockdown, home schooling, and BSSM studying scenario for us it has been quite a stretch. Endless Zoom calls and Youtube Live wasn’t the end of BSSM that we would have envisaged. That to say, when we reflect back on the this last year, and also the year previous, we are continually thankful. 

Kris Vallotton, who is one of the main Pastors at Bethel, described our class as those ‘forged in fire’. It’s a class who have gone through much, and been changed for ever in a good way. From the start of first year, we arrived in Redding, literally in to the Carr Fire. Then, in Second Year the sad loss of Olive in December (the young daughter of our 2nd yr worship pastor), where we gathered for hours to worship and pray; believing for resurrection. Even though we didn’t see what we were believing for, the level of faith in a God who can do impossible things, sparked an awakening in our spirits; seeing Olive’s mother pour out her heart in true, pure worship to Jesus, has marked us in a way that no teaching could! We then finished the last 2 months of school, with all mission trips cancelled & in lockdown due to Covid-19; it has been a real adventure. Through it all we’ve pushed into knowing the goodness of God, His faithfulness, His presence and that nothing is impossible to Him. 

For us personally we’ve seen such favour in our class as we’ve been released into leading various teams, invited into ‘invite only’ classes, and had many value us as a mother and father in the group. We’ve also seen God’s amazing provision throughout the year to facilitate our year. A huge thank you for everyone who has prayed and/or financially supported us over the last two years. We are truly thankful!

A real highlight has been seeing how the boys have grown in their relationship with Jesus. Reuben gets wonderfully lost in worship and is so sensitive to Holy Spirit. He had the privilege of being part of a ministry team in October for a Children’s Workers conference, where he got to pray for 50 or so Childrens’ Workers from around the world. Isaac and Levi also are growing in knowing how to hear and speak what the Lord is saying to them. It’s been beautiful seeing how they respond to pray for people that are hurting. In Levi’s words, ‘my prayers are powerful!’.

In our last newsletter we said we were looking to apply for third year. Justyn has been accepted for third year with Aaron Tesauro who is the Communications Director for Bethel Church. It is an amazing opportunity for Justyn to come and serve the breadth of local church. 

Josie is looking into third year options while also wondering if is right to not do third year at this moment in time, but to look to the year being consolidation of all that God has been doing, and to be around more for the boys. It’s been a stretch for us all the last couple of years; we’ll keep you posted. 

We mentioned in our March newsletter that we were selling our house. Well, the house went on the market and the next week, lockdown happened! Amazingly, we have had a couple of viewings, but are waiting to hear back. Miracles are possible, as a lockdown is not restrictive! 

A few items for prayer for the next few months:

  1. That the USA / Canadian / Mexican borders will reopen so that we be able to travel back and forth and so be able to update our passport stamps to the 2020/21 academic year.
  2. The sale of our house, and the practicals relating to the clearing of the house and the storage of furniture etc… 
  3. Finances for the next year:
    1. More events to be using Justyn’s registration system - it has been a real blessing this last year with new clients coming on board.
    2. The purchase of a car - we’ve an amazing option to purchase a 7 seater car for £2,800 by the end of May.
    3. Monthly rent and living expenses of £2400. 
    4. The boys school fees of £7,700.
    5. BSSM Tuition Fees of £700 (+ £700 if Josie does it too. 3rd yr fees are a lot cheaper!!)
    6. Health insurance of £1000.

Please can we ask to you to prayerfully consider whether you would like to partner with us and invest in our family? Any amount, as a one-off, or monthly giving helps! You can give directly to us, or if a UK tax payer through Church in the Peak.....& we get the extra tax back! Email justyn.pride(at) for more details.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and love for our family. It’s a crazy adventure and we love having you as part of it! Please keep in touch, we love to hear from you all and all that is happening in your lives!

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