A quick update on our second year adventures.

Many will know that Josie and I have been accepted onto the second year of BSSM. For those wanting to know what it is all about please check out this short video:

We’ve been granted a five year study visa by the US Embassy. Last year every UK student that we met had only received a one year study visa, and so we take this as a real encouragement for what is ahead. We are flying back to Redding, California on the 8th August so that we have some time to settle back in before the boys start back at Bethel Christian School on the 19th August. 

One of the glorious revelations this year has been how valuable we are to God, and that we are worth the investment! We don’t like talking about money, but we are learning to be less independent and open about all areas of life! If you would like to invest in our family, as we continue on this journey with God, please let us know!

Full details are on our Support page, or you can give direct to our Bethel tuition using the links below:

Justyn https://my.bssm.net/donations/tuition_transactions/new?finance_target_id=510456&finance_target_type=StudentBinder

Josie https://my.bssm.net/donations/tuition_transactions/new?finance_target_id=510896&finance_target_type=StudentBinder

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