3 Aug 2020, 04:30
Greetings from the USA! We trust this newsletter finds you all doing well in the midst of this slightly complex season we are all in.
6 Jun 2020, 15:47
Hope this finds you well and that navigating these ‘Corona’ times has been ok for you! It’s so strange to think that all of us, even thousands of miles apart, are going through the same situation!
18 May 2020, 00:43
Yes we are alive, and yes we’ve graduated!
23 Mar 2020, 03:46
How are you all? What a time we’re all going through with this virus?! I trust you are well, and finding Jesus at this strange time!
9 Sep 2019, 04:39
Well we are now registered and have started second year of BSSM.
17 Aug 2019, 04:26
We’ve been back in Redding for just over a week, so we wanted to say hi, and fill you in on our second year transition!
4 Jul 2019, 22:28
A quick update on our second year adventures.
17 Jun 2019, 03:52
As you know, we have completed 1st year of BSSM and have seen God bring healing, health to our hearts and a much deeper, intimate relationship with our Father; learning to really walk as his children.
4 Jun 2019, 00:33
Our brief story of BSSM
27 Nov 2018, 00:38
News update on the first three months of BSSM
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