Greetings from the USA! We trust this newsletter finds you all doing well in the midst of this slightly complex season we are all in.

We are starting to plan for the end of our summer break and the boys returning to school (on 18th August) as well as the start of our third year of BSSM. We’re really excited to get started with our third year places (8th September), and believe God is going to stretch us and use us powerfully during the year.

We wanted to bring you up to date with where things are for us following on from the various prayer requests in our last update. 

Some praise and prayer points, as it is always good to give glory to God for all that he has done! 

  • We have a sale on our house in Matlock! A sale in the current climate is amazing. It turns out that some friends know the purchasers, and they are a young family who love the house. We are so glad that another family will be blessed by the house. There is still the sale process to go through, so please pray that it does quickly and smoothly. We also have to empty the house and move it into storage. This is naturally more of a challenge when we are in a different country! Anyone who is local, and has willingness and time, we would love your help!!
  • We are almost sorted with our visa renewal for the next academic year. It’s been a crazy time where US borders have been closed and the US Government have kept changing requirements for students. It has been an uncertain time for all internationals. Anyway, long story short, we have day return flights booked to Canada on the 4th August. This will enable us to exit and then re-enter the US to get the passport stamps we need. Please pray that it goes smoothly and that we get a full years date stamp.
  • Road Trip - Yes, we said it and are doing it!. Once we have arrived back into the US from Canada, we are heading with car, kids and tent to LA, the Grand Canyon, passing through Las Vegas and Death Valley, and then to Lake Tahoe. It’s going to be a 2100 mile socially distanced, but well worth trip! 
  • “Give us today our daily bread” - more than we’ve ever known, this time has been about understanding and leaning into this truth. We’ve had some amazing provisions for finances that have covered some of our immediate needs, and we keep seeing the Lord provide our ‘daily bread’. This season has been about seeing our ‘daily bread’ and celebrating each thing, no matter how large or small in our eyes. Whether it has been gifts of food, donations, refunds, or amazing discounts they are all part of His amazing daily provisions and worthy of celebration. The boys won an ice cream machine on Saturday, and so they are excited to use that gift and surprise!
  • Each month is a testimony to the faithfulness of a God who provides. We have a number of continual financial needs that we’d love your prayer and partnering with for August and beyond:
    • Tuition Fees for Justyn & Josie - £2,000
    • Car - £2,750
    • Health Insurance - £1,000
    • We also have monthly on-going costs for rent and general living of around £2,400. 

Thank you so much for your on-going support and love for our family. It’s a crazy adventure and we love having you as part of it! Please keep in touch, we love to hear from you all and all that is happening in your lives! 

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