Hope this finds you well and that navigating these ‘Corona’ times has been ok for you! It’s so strange to think that all of us, even thousands of miles apart, are going through the same situation!

We want to update you on our plans and dreams for 3rd year of BSSM. When we came out for the 1st year of BSSM, we’d already had a prophetic word that stirred us to believe for the full three years of the course; a trusted prophetic friend saw a 3 year visa for us! At that time, it was more of a light hope and a faint dream.

We are now two years in and have both been accepted for our 3rd year placements. To be honest, the decision for 3rd year hasn’t been easy, but is one that we can clearly see the hands of the Lord on. In 3rd year, you intern for a specific person, and have to apply and interview with them directly. The place that Justyn has wasn’t advertised, but God has opened up the opportunity for him to be with the Bethel Church communications/operations director. Josie thought she wanted to be a 3rd year within the BSSM school environment, but God has led her in a different direction, and she has a place with a team who oversea all of the BSSM alumni students, BSSM online, which launched last week and any Ministry Schools that have been started by BSSM alumni; there are many around he world. We’re both really excited about the opportunities ahead of us, and know that this will be a year of growth; putting what we’ve learnt over the last 2 years into practice!

We want to say a HUGE thank you for your support of us over the last couple of years. It has been such a blessing to have people alongside us as we continue on this adventure.

We have so much to be thankful for. Here are a few highlights:

  • Our own growth this year. Sometimes it’s hard to see in the moment, but as we look back to where we were, we see an increase in intimacy with God. We have continued to receive healing in our hearts, as well as stepping out in areas of leadership; not out of a need to perform for love & value, but with a security that God loves everything about us and it’s ok to take risk & get things wrong!!
  • Each of the boys have been growing in their own relationships with God; hearing Him and growing in intimacy with Him! They love it here!
  • God’s continued provision of finance; through work for Justyn, 2 lodgers who lived with us, unexpected money from the government (when does that happen?!?) and gifts. He has always given more than enough, and we’re learning with each step of this journey that He can be trusted! God has already given us a new lodger for 3rd year!

Here are some of the prayer points & breakthroughs that we face in the next few weeks:

  • The sale of our house in Matlock - it is currently empty, but we’re very thankful for the mortgage holiday the banks are offering!
  • Work for Justyn - his booking system is for events, & we all know how much that industry is suffering! We’re not able to earn anything from the US, only from the UK.
  • Clarity on how to proceed with the visas - the borders to Canada & Mexico are still closed, so we’re looking at extending visas (not very straightforward!)
  • Finances for third year. One of the amazing revelations we’ve had has been how valuable we are to God, and that we are worth the investment! Pray for us as we continue to learn to trust our good Father to provide for all that we need. 
  • Here are some of the costs that we face by mid-July:
    • Tuition Fees for Justyn & Josie - £2,000
    • School costs for the boys - £9,400
    • Car - £2,750
    • Health Insurance - £1,000 - pray that we can find some, as many companies aren’t selling it at the moment!
    • We also have monthly on-going costs for rent and general living of around £2,400. 

As we look at the financial needs, we know that we’re praying to a loving father, who already knows our needs before we ask, so we’re not reminding him about our needs, but engaging our heart with His and coming into Heaven’s perspective. Persistence in prayer isn’t about wearing God down, but about strengthening us for the breakthrough. This is where we have been for the last few weeks; learning to keep bringing our hearts to our Father, fully surrender and trust in His goodness, timing and abundant provision. The other evening, we were praying and I (Josie) was feeling the weight of fear around money; I saw a vision of Jesus with us & I was showing Him how serious the financial situation was - he looked at it, then said, ‘Shall we go and have some fun?!!!’ What?! I love how His perspective shifts everything; the circumstances haven’t changed, but when we see it through His eyes, it brings hope and a lightness!

As someone who is partnering with us, please can we ask to you to prayerfully consider whether you would like to partner with us and invest in our final year at Bethel? Any amount, as a one-off, or monthly giving helps! You can give directly to us, or if a UK tax payer through Church in the Peak.....& we get the extra tax back! Email justyn.pride(at)gmail.com for more details. 

Thank you so much for your on going support and love for our family. It’s a crazy adventure and we love having you as part of it! Please keep in touch, we love to hear from you all and all that is happening in your lives!